Hessen League first game of the season 2017/2018

On January 20 the UWR Luxembourg Team drove up to Langen in order to compete with a full team in 2 league games and one fun game. The team of Pfungstadt joined the fun and a third “fun” game outside the league boundaries was played.

In the first match, we competed against UW-Rugbies who themselves did not attend with a full team. This certainly played to our advantage. We started the game of strong and managed to play a precise game: exchanging players often to remain fresh, keeping the game on the pool floor and using the closed corner as an attack angle. UW-Rugbies did manage to challenge our goalkeepers during a couple of counter-attacks. Our constant team effort of was however rewarded with a leading position of 1 to 0 after the first half.

The second half remained constant. Additionally, we were able to keep our players fresh whereas the adversaries started to show signs of exhaustion. After our second goal, we found ourselves in the unusual position of defending our lead. This meant: many precise passes and keeping a good rhythm in the game. UW-Rugbies played 2 tricky attacks that in the end, we were very happy to be able to defend as a team.

The game ended as a wind for the UWR Luxembourg Team on a 2:0 score. This is the first League game win in our team history.

We only had a 5min break until the second game. Motivated warmed up and ready to attack we started off the second game against the USC Obertshausen (the foreseeably stronger opponent). We continued to play a strong and clean game. Our players kept their calm and we managed (to the surprise of a few) to take the lead yet again. This was the point where the USC Obertshausen upped their game. Using their experience, strength and speed they managed to quickly even the score. This was the opponent we knew and expected and they send us with a 1:3 defeat into the break.

In the second half, our players managed to stay calm and not lose the ball. We did have to save many strong counters however all in all we dragged the USC Obertshausen team to the floor and managed to exhaust them. That’s when they started showing holes in their defence immediately used by our team and scoring the 3:3 draw. 45 seconds before the end USC Obertshausen lost a player due to foul play and UWR Luxembourg was able to up the pressure. That’s when the USC Oberhausen goalkeeper had his shoulder in the goal ending in a penalty for us. Both teams watched the scene as one of our strikers was in a duel with the goalkeeper.  After a short scramble, the goalkeeper lost his breath and Ben was able to score the decisive 4:3.

We are now at the top of the Hessen league and are looking forward to defending this title in the upcoming games.