About us

The history of the club

UWR Luxembourg founding member Tom Ketter discovered underwater rugby while studying in Heidelberg. Tom really enjoyed the sport and so when he graduated in 2012, he was looking into the possibility of bringing the sport to Luxembourg.

Tom then met Felix Benedict through an UWR internet forum (t’was a different pre-Tinder time 😉 ). Felix, who was a former German national player and coach, had just been transferred to Luxembourg by his employer, and so of course jumped at the opportunity to develop UWR in his new home.

And so, due to their hard work over a few years, Underwater Rugby Luxembourg A.S.B.L (UWR Luxembourg) was created with 15 founding members in January 2015.

In order to get support in setting up training, UWR Luxembourg contacted Swimming Luxembourg. Swimming was keen to help, as their mission has always been to cover all sports related to water activities. 3 weeks after the commitment of Swimming Luxembourg, UWR Luxembourg started training in Bonnevoie and 2 months later, UWR Luxembourg participated in their first tournament in Stuttgart.

In 2016, Underwater Rugby became also member of FLASSA. This was one of the first steps towards the participation of Luxembourg in the World Championships in 2019 in Graz.