What is UWR?

While we will do our best here, Underwater Rugby is a very difficult game to explain, so if you want to understand the game a bit better, please watch some videos, or even better, come along to our training sessions and we will show you how it’s done 😉
You can find a great video below where RTL visited us in 2018!
Underwater Rugby (or UWR for short) was invented in the 1960s in Germany.
Two teams try to score a ball filled with saltwater into the opponent’s goal at the bottom of the swimming pool. Every team has six players in the water and up to six players on the bench. The game is played at a depth of 3,5 to 5m (depending on the depth of the pool).
In general, the game is played mixed-sex, except for the large international competitions (the European and World Cups mainly).

RTL reportage – UWR Luxembourg training 2018