Match reports – 21 November 2021

21 November 2021 was the first match day of the Baden Wurttemberg league 2021-2022!!! Needless to say, we were all super excited to get back into it, and having four full games was a slightly overwhelming way to start 😉

1. UWR Luxembourg 2:6 TSC Langenau
Langenau previously had two teams, with their stronger team playing in the Bundesliga II, so we knew they would be a tough opponent. We had the additional obstacles of some heavy breakfasts, and UWR Luxembourg’s inability to play full strength until after the coffee has kicked in. Truthfully though, they were very strong, and we played well when we were in position (“when” being the operative word). Two lovely goals (by Tun and Ulf (pretty sure) ) to add to our tally though.

2. UWR Luxembourg 5:1 Bodensee
We started to hit our stride in the second game. The objective set by captain David was to try and keep a clean sheet. We scored the first goal very quickly, and were 3:0 up by half time. With a couple of minutes left we were 5:0 up, but due to a lack of concentration on the part of a few players (mostly yours truly, oopsie), Bodensee scored in the last couple of minutes. Sadly that means that once again David will not have to bring beer to training. However, thankfully Gilles came down with a case of “attacker-brain” and jumped in when it wasn’t his turn, therefore forfeiting beers himself 😉 We will forgive him though, as he managed to score while we were one person down due to the “Wechselfehler” 😉

3. UWR Luxembourg 1:1 Freiburg
Ah, Freiburg, the team we fought for first place during the last league, and who beat us very narrowly. Once again, we tried to play our positions and maybe not get caught out on counter-attacks. The game was intense, but maybe not high on goal scoring chances for either team. The first half ended 0:0, but then they scored a goal quite quickly into the second half. Thankfully though, the second half brought an attacking move by three players, and Ben managed to score after a great block by Luc. There was a great group effort to keep the ball in the basket for quite a few seconds longer just to be sure it would count 🙂

4. UWR Luxembourg 11:1 Stuttgart
Our fourth match and Stuttgart’s third, but they only had 7 players left, so really tough for them to play the 30 minutes against a full team!It was a game with quite intense one-on-one fights, but we managed to score quite a few (although once again sadly not a clean sheet).

Thanks to Bob, Gilles, Ben, Ulf and Christian for reffing!